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Access an ecosystem of powerful and flexible financial services providing a range of embedded solutions to put you in control.
Ask how we can help you Shaype your financial experiences of tomorrow, today.
Core Transactional Product Solution – Shaype
Core Transactional Product
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Our core product includes the creation of transaction accounts – including joint accounts – with BSB and account number linked to a VISA card.

Card Payments Solution – Shaype
Card Payments

We provide payment processing and management with VISA, including providing options for both physical and digital prepaid and debit cards. 

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Bank Transfers Solution – Shaype
Bank Transfers

Shaype provides payment processing and management with access to non-scheme payment rails, including NPP, Direct Entry (DE), PayID. 

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Wallets and Tokenisation Solution – Shaype
Wallets & Tokenisation

Digital Card services through Google and Apple wallet push provisioning and view in-app card details, protected from any PCI obligations.

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 Dynamic Authorisation Solution – Shaype
Dynamic Authorisation

With Shaype you can create and control unique, real time, customer level payment experiences through our proprietary rules engine.

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Financial Crime Solution – Shaype
Financial Crime

Shaype provides real time AML, CTF and fraud monitoring across all payment channels, so you’ll always feel secure.

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Onboarding Solution – Shaype

We make every step both secure and simple as our services support Anti Money Laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-business (KYB) validation. 

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Data and Reconciliation Solution – Shaype
Data & Reconciliation

It’s not enough to do, you have to understand, which is why Shaype gives you customised data analytics and insights and management of the reconciliation processes.

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Nano Home loans Visa Debit Card and full-featured App Accelerator (iOS and Android) – By Shaype
6th Annual FinTechAwards Winner – Shaype

Best Fintech / Non-Bank Partnership


Andrew Walker


CEO & Co Founder
Nano Home Loans

Image: Nano Home loans Visa Debit Card and full-featured App Accelerator (iOS and Android).

Today, Shaype provides Nano with a complete set of services to manage their transaction experience including access to the Australian payments network, scheme and non-scheme payment rails and a Visa debit card.

“Nano needed a payments partner that could work at our pace and offer solutions that helped drive our business. It needed to be fast, flexible and functional. Shaype™ delivers with a true partner mindset.

As a consequence we removed upwards of 6 months of build and integration from our critical path and de-risked this critical piece of our platform.”

Shaype removes the mind-boggling complexity of the payments eco-system and replaces it with a one stop seamless solution.”

Shaype removes legacy constraints and hands over the keys



Our best-in-class tech delivers fast payment and auxiliary solutions, implementation is up to 4x faster than competitors. Shaype® ensures rapid delivery of product upgrades and new product delivery.

Card Payments Solution – Shaype

Payment and settlement solutions out of the box

Shaype provides account transactional services that hit the ground running. Whether you need payment authorisation or balance management, our fully featured accounts are ready to meet your needs. They also include scheme and non-scheme rails integration allowing card/PAN linking in Australia.

Financial crime

Shaype keeps you, your customers, proposition and activity safe by utilising access to real-time leading fraud system, Featurespace via a microservice API.


This access covers all payment channels, including scheme and non-scheme rails. Our checks cover all transactions using a real-time fraud engine which monitors and reports any suspected financial crime.

Financial Crime Solution – Shaype
Accelerator Tools – Shaype

Stand up products faster than ever before

Your customers don’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t have to either. Our range of accelerator tools and support services will get your products to market with unrivalled speed. 


For example, our sandbox environment for both bank transfer and card payments testing allows Shaype to provide quick time-to-market for proof-of-concept implementations. 


Meanwhile, our use of Swagger provides clients consuming our RESTful APIs with comprehensive auto-generated and updated API definitions to simplify the integration process. We also have a staging environment to ensure controlled development without impacting production.

SME support teams

The power of Shaype isn’t just our platform, it’s our people.  Our team of Subject Matter Experts can assist across all your technology, compliance, financial and user experience needs, ready to get your proposition to market sooner: 


  • KY/X

  • Connectivity

  • Product requirements and design

  • Licensing

  • Money flows

  • User experience

​This is all part of how we’ll help you to meet all your goals at every stage of development.

Subject Matter Experts – Shaype
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