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Core Transactional Product

This is our core product: a fully featured transaction account that provides what you, or your customers, need.
Your customers are provided with an account that includes a unique BSB and account number. It enables cash movement and the ability to transact with a wide range of account funding options plus they can spend via a linked VISA pre-paid or debit card.
To make things even more powerful, this product seamlessly integrates with our ecosystem of solutions to create a bespoke financial experience for your customers no matter what your business needs are. We’re here to help meet your requirements!
Core features:
  • This product gives every customer a fully featured transaction account.

  • Customers receive unique BSB and account numbers, these are not simply virtual accounts.

  • The accounts are managed via a dedicated ledger, so there’s no need to add transaction references to fund the account.

  • We also support a range of account setups to meet your customer’s needs. The platform supports:

    • Single and joint accounts

    • Consumer and Business customers

    • Sub accounts for easier fund management, savings goals etc.

  • It also provides the ability to move money in and out of the transaction account through a range of payment options including:

    • Instant money movement via NPP

    • Paying contacts through PayID

    • Pay bills via Direct Debit

  • Customers are also able to spend their money with a linked VISA prepaid or debit card. These are accepted worldwide, and your customers can choose from either physical or digital cards as well as in-app card functionality.

  • The system integrates perfectly with our other Shaype services.

  • We have licensing which allows you to leverage the suite of Shaype licenses (like our ASFL, VISA Principal License etc) or utilise your own licensing.

Core Transactional Product Solution - Shaype

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