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Transaction App Accelerator 


Accelerate build and timelines with the Shaype transactional application (iOS & Android).

Accelerate your go-to market time and reduce cost with our pre-built transactional application. The Shaype Accelerator App is a fully functional digital payments application with hundreds of consumer journeys pre-built, tested by thousands of customers and ready to be used immediately. 


Our accelerator app is also pre-integrated to the Shaype payments platform, and so reduces your technology build and testing timelines and costs. Let us do the hard work for you! Our accelerator app is provided as react native source code that you can take, customise, and manage in your source code repository. This app is currently ‘live’ as ‘Hay Retail’ available in the Apple App Store and Google Play ecosystem, so you can move forward with the confidence your app experience will be accepted in to those app ecosystems without trouble. 

  • Branched version of the code is provided pre integrated with our Staging (non-live) and live environments.  This code lives in YOUR repository and is edited and managed by your Dev teams. Automated test suite, covering the app, is also included.


  • Licensed for the creation of your app in the app stores, it has all transaction hygiene factors built in and allows for your own look and feel and functionality to transform into very much YOUR app.

  • Integrated Features:  Onboarding (Selfie, License Scan and Govt Databases), Authentication, Enriched Transactions, Non scheme payment screens (NPP, DE, BPAY), Card Controls, In App wallet provisioning and view card details, Settings and Card Controls.

ID&V Module for Customer Onboarding (eKYC)

  • Streamlined user flow

  • ID scan and verification

  • Liveness checks

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Account and Card Controls

  • Card controls (freeze, unfreeze, disable contactless)

  • Manage PIN and Passcode

  • Report lost / stolen card

Digital Cards and Wallets

  • Push-provisioning customer journey to support cards in apple and google wallets – unlocks pay-with-phone (mobile payments) use cases as well as in-app purchases

  • In-app Virtual Card / PAN display for eCommerce purchases (including CVV and expiry)


Everyday transaction features

  • In-app notifications

  • Customer detail collection 

  • Customer referral capability (unique referral codes) 

  • View Account details

  • View Balances 

  • Overdrafts

  • Transaction List including “Look whose Charging”

  • Linked Visa Card

  • NPP

  • PayTo

  • BPay Payer 

  • PayID

  • Direct Entry Credit

  • Direct Debit 


Scheduled Payments

  • Shaype to Shaype account payments (Closed Loop)​

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They can answer all your related queries such as

  • Pricing information

  • Implementation and delivery planning

  • App functionality and customisation options

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