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Data & Reconciliation

We offer a fully featured, automated reconciliation platform that seamlessly integrates with your business and our transactional product, including payments and settlement, NPP, Direct Entry and VISA payment network. 

This allows you to access customised data analytics and insights, with an ability to manage reconciliation processes. 
Examples of data and reconciliation solutions:
  • Transaction settlement and balance management of transactions allowing daily reconciliation and enabling improved liquidity efficiency for clients.

  • Reconciliation management information (MI) reporting to enable balance and transactional reconciliation and complement accounting records, resolve discrepancies, and identify fraudulent transactions. As a standard offering, Shaype supplies the following MI to the extent that it is allowed to under legal and regulatory constraints:

    • Float management

    • Transaction management

    • Fraud – Activity, decisions and Notification of SMRs

    • Dispute and chargebacks

    • Complaints

    • SLA reporting – as agreed between parties. Reporting on uptime/platform availability

  • We also support both parties collaborating by sharing appropriate data and logs. Shaype will provide such data as it can allow both parties to analyse any suspected issues with accounts.

Data and Reconciliation Solution - Shaype
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