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Bank Transfers

We supply full integration and management of a broad number of non-scheme payment options plus access to other bank transfer features. 

Our unique HayPay solution provides your customers with instant transfers of funds between issued accounts at minimal cost.
Our system works with:
  • ​Direct Entry (DE) payment network – Send and receive funds between BSB and account numbers.


  • New Payments Platform (NPP) payment network – Instantly send and receive funds using BSB and account numbers. 

  • PayID – Send and receive payments through the NPPA’s PayID service, setup of PayID and transfer PayID associated with Shaype administered account.

  • OSKO – Send and receive payments via PayID or BSB and account number via the NPP enabled OSKO service.

  • Direct Debits – Set up and manage Direct Debits, as well as management of Direct Debit Requests.

  • HayPay – Guaranteed instant transfer of funds between client accounts at a price point far lower than traditional money transfer channels.

  • Scheduled Payments – Customers can schedule, edit and cancel forward-dated and recurring outbound payments. 

Bank Transfers Solution - Shaype
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