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Financial Crime

We offer a suite of scalable Financial Crime solutions. 

By design, our Financial Integrity offerings are tailored to assist you in meeting your obligations through a basic, self-serve or fully managed ‘as a Service’ models, and we’re here to protect you and your customers at every step.
Financial Crime solutions:
  • Technology and Capability – Our API approach allows us to connect our fraud monitoring with your CRM system to view alerts and notifications.

  • Fraud Rulesets – Shaype starts with a baseline set of the rules and thresholds relevant to non-cash payment products. We work with you to create the right personas and rulesets based on your customer portfolio. These can start from simple profiles to adaptive models as customer behaviour and transaction trends develop and are better understood.

  • Fraud Monitoring and Review – We provide transaction monitoring based on the agreed rulesets and perform fraud reviews.

  • Disputes – We offer support management of any disputes you may encounter through unauthorised, fraudulent or unrecognised transactions.

Financial Crime Solution - Shaype

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