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Dynamic Authorisation

Our Dynamic Authorisation capabilities allows you to create instant bespoke payment experiences for select customers. The experience will be triggered by using any transactional data point from within your ecosystem.
Some examples of customer abilities within Rules Manager:
  • Control what type of businesses – either physical or online - an account holder can spend money at.

    • For example: block gambling, fast food, alcohol shops and more.

  • Control how long restrictions last for, or when in the day restrictions apply.

    • For example, no fast food after school.

  • Restrict spending at specific businesses or merchants.

    • For example, no McDonald’s or KFC.

  • Decide who has control over the rules. Build the rules into your product overall or give customers power to set the rules for others.

    • For example, a parent setting rules for a child.

Dynamic Authorisation Solution - Shaype

Overall, the Rules Manager will give you the ability to inject bespoke rules into our authorisation flow, active immediately. The rules can be built around anything we know at the point of the transaction, for example: customer data, device data, Point of Sale (PoS) terminal data, the time of day, merchant data, transaction data, velocity of transaction and much more.

Examples of functionality:
  • Build real time cashback experiences when your customer uses their VISA card, either everywhere or at specific merchants, and send notifications instantly when cashback funds are transferred into their accounts.

  • Block a transaction based on Merchant Category Code (MCC) – This results in blocking the account holder from spending money at certain grouped businesses.

    • For example, bottle shops, gambling venues.

  • Block a transaction based on Merchant Name – This results in blocking the account holder from spending money at a particular business.

  • Set a rule for a timed period – This results in restricting account holder spending for a specified time period.

    • For example, no alcohol for the next 3 days.

  • Set a rule for a regular timeframe – This results in restricting user spending for a similar period on a regular basis.

    • For example, no McDonald’s between 6pm and 8am Mon-Fri.

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