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Shaype Product & Solutions

Our full suite of embedded financial services offers a range of powerful solutions.

Able to be tailored to your needs, our micro-services talk to one another and integrate seamlessly, providing a seamless one-stop-shop with more flexibility available than ever before.

Here are the ways we can help empower your company and meet your customer's needs:
Transaction App Accelerator 

Accelerate your go-to market time and reduce cost with our pre-built transactional banking application. The Shaype Accelerator App is a fully functional digital banking application with hundreds of consumer journeys pre-built, tested by thousands of customers and ready to be used immediately. 

Core Transactional 

This is our core product, a fully featured transaction account. Your customers are provided with an account that has a unique BSB and account number to send and receive funds via NPP, DE or PayID. Customers can also spend via a linked VISA pre-paid or debit card.


The core product naturally sits alongside any of our other Shaype solutions to provide a transactional product that can meet your customer’s needs.

Core Transactional Product Solution - Shaype
Bank Transfers Solution - Shaype
Bank Transfers

Shaype provides fast to market solutions to a wide range of non-scheme payments options that cover NPP, Direct Entry (DE), PayID and Direct Debits. We also provide capabilities for seamless, fast adoption to other bank transfer features. 

In addition, you will also be able to take advantage of our HayPay network which guarantees instant money transfers at a fraction of the cost of traditional transfers.

Card Payments

Our core banking product holds a complete BSB range that supplies full service transactional accounts for your customers, including access to the VISA payments network, other scheme rails and core platforms. 

We also enable Primary Account Number generation, giving you the ability to issue, fulfill, and manage VISA cards, as well as access to the VISA network and a multitude of additional card payment features.

Card Payments Solution - Shaype
Wallets & Tokenisation

We provide access, including front-end integration services, to mobile wallets, Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as digital card provisioning. Integration to other wallets is also possible upon request.

With Shaype, there is no need for PCI data security compliance as no PCI data is accessed or exposed. We will work with your business on a case-by-case basis to provide the best experience for your customers, including notification expertise and enhanced certification requirements with Apple.

Dynamic Authorisation

Dynamic Authorisation allows you to create unique payment experiences in real time for each individual customer. The Shaype platform can use a transactional data point or ingest any data from your ecosystem to trigger a payment experience. 

Our Rules Manager is designed to allow account-level controls for your customers over how money can be spent on their card.

Dynamic Authorisation Solution - Shaype
Onboarding Solution - Shaype

We provide a simple and seamless onboarding flow for your customers from start to finish. Developed by our in-house UX team, we have revolutionised the onboarding process to be intuitive, secure and frictionless.

Within our onboarding solution we provide Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer/Business checks against Australian government channels and worldwide PEP and sanction databases.

Financial Crime

Shaype offers a suite of scalable Financial Crime solutions. By design, our Financial Integrity offerings are tailored to assist you in meeting your obligations through a basic, self-serve or fully managed ‘as a Service’ models. 

Such obligations can include transaction monitoring, KY(x), disputes and chargebacks.

Financial Crime Solution - Shaype
Data and Reconciliation Solution - Shaype
Data Recs_Colour=True.png
Data & Reconciliation

Our fully featured, automated reconciliation platform easily integrates with your business and our transactional product, including payments and settlement, NPP, Direct Entry and the VISA payment network. The complexity of the service simply depends on your customised ecosystem of solutions.

We can also supply bespoke reporting and data requirements to meet any specific needs.

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