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SandboxPlus Test and showcase your proposition in a live environment.

  • Use Shaype’s rapid pre-configured live Sandbox Plus environment that allows access to the functionality of the Shaype platform on live rails generating live transactions.


  • Shaype cards and BSB.  You can test core capabilities (e.g. account setup, payments channels) and YOUR specific requirements within account number and total balance parameters.

  • Completion of Due Diligence will allow you to showcase your proposition in a production environment with minimal effort.

Let our senior experts help you get started and build / educate your teams.

  • Our support team span tech, business, risk and compliance.

  • Options for knowledge transfer of APIs and React Native App into your team.  We are not a body shop and look only to embed the right resource for the right period of time to get you working.

  • Assistance with embedding automated test frameworks and DevOps pipelines (particularly if you avail yourself of the app source code).

  • Alignment of our short-term roadmap, if needed, to support your MVP deliverables.

  • Purchase story point capacity within our sprint teams. Allows for you to ensure that functionality you require can be built to your timeline – guaranteed!

  • App Analytics and data from the platform to support insights into your proposition.
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