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Our Embedded Finance Payments Platform provides end-to-end tools and products to help clients accelerate time to value.

Our integrated payment capabilities provide your business with a single dashboard for visibility and control, and advanced fraud detection tools. With our platform, clients can quickly build and deploy advanced payment solutions that meet their specific business needs. Our platform is fully extensible, allowing for quick and easy customisation and integration with other systems. Our platform is designed to provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective payments for any business.

The accelorator app

License the source code of our React Native
App (iOS & Android). Accelerate build
timelines with the ability to launch modern payments experiences in a matter of months.


Sandbox Plus Test and showcase your proposition in a live environment. Use Shaype’s rapid pre-configured live Sandbox Plus environment that allows access to the functionality of the Shaype platform on live rails generating live transactions.


Control Centre

Accelerate operations and business
processes with an out-of-the-box
single pane of glass back-office.

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